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Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and ALOHA!

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A True Hawaiian Experience
Let's take a look back at the history of the Hawaiian Plate Lunch. It started with the "Bento Box", Japanese-inspired. It's the perfect lunch to grab when you are on the run. It is a single portion or take out meal with a variety of items such as chicken, beef, spam, shrimp etc. The plate lunch was created with this concept in mind while serving only 1 meat selection with 2 scoops of rice and 1 scoop of macaroni, "mac" salad. It is common to find these plate lunches served from lunch trucks or at hole in the wall restaurants and local drive-ins throughout Hawaii. Ishiki Plate Lunch serves a very personal and special rendition of the Hawaiian Plate Lunch.

Who is Ishiki Plate Lunch?
We are a young company just trying to get our feet wet. We started in our back yard cooking for friends and family and our own personal parties, such as Super Bowl, UFC fights, birthdays, etc. , serving guests ranging from 20 to 100 people. We are now expanding our flavor of Hawaii to the public in hopes that you will try it one day soon. Read more about our chef, Bobby Ishiki.

"Words" from Bobby Himself
My name is Bobby Ishiki. I was born on Oahu and raised on the North Shore of Kauai. My inspirations began during my hanabata (childhood) days, helping my Dad prepare food for family luaus. For example, cutting tomatoes and onions for Lomi Salmon; cleaning the fresh Ahi for the poki and sashimi; going to the pig farm, picking out the perfect pig for the party, bringing it home to hang dry in the garage with a white sheet around it. Cutting banana stumps in the back yard. Taking a walk to Secret Beach and picking all the ti leaves on the way down. Going to the South side of Kauai to cut keave wood for the imu. I also had the opportunity, growing up on Kauai, eating the best plate lunches you can sink your teeth into. Places like Uncle Wayne & Aunty Keikilani’s place at the Hanalei Museum; eating loco moco with rice and a big hamburger patty w/ chunks of onions and 2 eggs covered in gravy; Higashi’s Store, one of the best veal cutlets I’ve ever had; Waipole Restaurant for a quick Saturday morning breakfast, spam, eggs and rice w/ a side of hotcakes, my special; Ching Young Village Snack Shop, chili pepper chicken. And last but not least, not a plate lunch place but a place to remember, Hamura’s Saimin Stand. The best saimin on the island. Stand in line for 1 hour, eat for 20 minutes, worth the wait. What I remember is exactly how I want you to remember your experience with Ishiki Plate Lunch. ~ Aloha, Bobby